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Productos principales:Equipo de moldeo de pulpa, máquina de bandejas de huevos, máquina de bandejas de frutas, máquina de vajilla, máquina de vajilla

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Producto médico
Industrial Packaging Pulp Molding Machine
Máquina de bandeja de semillas de moldeo de pulpa
Máquina de bandeja de huevos de moldeo de pulpa






Nanya High Speed Automatic

Rotary Forming Production Line


 - Application: Egg tray/Egg box/Fruit tray/ Cup holder/ other low height tray

 - Production capacity: 3000/4000/5000/6000 pcs/hour

 - Forming: Rotary type

 - Drying: 6-layers dryer

 - Raw Material: Waste recycle paper

 - Offer installation service

 - With design service


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